What do you do outside of training?  I work as a new car sales consultant. I love my job and the people I work with. When I am not training or working, I spend time with my daughter, family, friends, play Xbox, and watch Netflix. 

Who is your dream girl?  Delta Goodrem due to her amazing good looks. Ronda Rousey is my current crush, not only is she a good looking woman but she is also a badass fighter who destroys everyone she fights. For my dream girl, is it too much to ask, if I could have both?

What is one key event that changed your life in a positive or negative way?  Holding my baby girl in my arms for the first time, was the most wonderful and amazing feeling I have ever had. Being a father has changed my life forever and has made me a better person. 

What is a surprising fact about you?  I am very scared of birds. The birds that scare me the most is magpies. During spring you will not see me going outside for walks or runs. When I was a kid, there was this one magpie that would attack us no matter what season. I couldn’t even go to the toilet at night without my mum holding my hand because every time the light went on, this magpie would be at the window ready to attack.   

Favourite fighter?  Ronda Rousey. Watching her dominate in the octagon in every fight, just shows how amazingly talented she is.

What advice can you give to new students joining up who have never trained?  Have fun and keep showing up to classes because it’s the only way to learn. Don’t worry about how hard you can punch or kick, take your time and get the basics right first.

How has muay thai helped you with life?  Training has helped me with keeping fit, learning new skills, letting go of negative thoughts and releasing a lot of built up stress. I use the punching bags to help release my stress, I also have Gaz Rees by my side, to talk to when I need help. That’s why I go to Chopper Muay Thai, for me it’s more than just a gym.

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