What do you do outside of training?  I am the National Chief Executive Officer of an organisation called LG Professionals Australia. We work with local governments both in Australia and around the world including providing technical assistance to local level governments in South East Asia and the Pacific. I am incredibly lucky because I get to travel a lot for my work to countries such as NZ, US, PNG, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and East Timor. I am currently also completing my Juris Doctor degree. Outside of this, and training, you will likely find me somewhere on a plane between Melbourne and Canberra… or taking a nap!

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?  The motto I live by most is… ‘never doubt your instincts’. 

What is a surprising fact about you?  When I was 17 I represented Australia at the World Sports Aerobics and Fitness Championships in Ghent, Belgium. After that I qualified for four, and competed in two, World championships before I retired. My highest ranking was 4th. 

What can’t you stand and why?  Mornings... there is not enough coffee in the world to make me a morning person.

How has Muay Thai helped you in life?  I think Muay Thai has many benefits including for your health, fitness and confidence. As someone with a fairly high stress job I cannot speak more highly of how Muay Thai has helped me with de-stressing, and the all important work/life balance. Chopper Muay Thai is also a really great community that I get to be a part of when I am in Canberra. 

What is your favourite Muay Thai move or combo?  Anything to do with kicks or knees.

Why did you start doing Muay Thai?  I absolutely love martial arts and for the past 4 years I have be training Wushu and Tai Chi in Melbourne. When work decided that, starting 2016, I will be dividing my time between Melbourne and Canberra my main concern was - "where am I going to train!?" (because priorities!). In my first week in Canberra I tried both Gaz and Somchai’s classes as part of the UCFit schedule and I have been hooked ever since.