What do you do outside of training?  I am currently in high school, just started year ten. Other than school and Muay Thai I play AFL for magpies and go to the gym. I have a passion for music, RNB and Rap are my favourites.

Describe the top 5 priorities in your life in rank order and explain why
1. My Mum - because she means the world to me. She sacrifices a lot and is always so happy and kind. I know everyone says it but she is the best Mum and person in the world.
2. Training – I absolutely love all my different trainings, I train every day, it’s a massive part of my life. It makes me feel great and its addictive, that’s why it’s my number two.
3. Being healthy – not just physically but being mentally healthy is very important for me. Dedicating time to remain happy, positive and all-round feeling healthy is a need for me.
4. Friends – I absolutely love them all, they help me get through school with a laugh. They make life fun.
5. School – It’s not my favourite thing but PE class is sick as. I guess studies will have to get me somewhere someday.

Do you have a motto you live your life by?  “Go Hard or Go Home!”. When I apply myself to something, I will always try my hardest, or I will choose something else to apply myself to If I cannot feel I can be 100%. I live for people who work hard, who are committed and are really passionate so I try to do the same.

What would be your ultimate achievement?  It has been a dream of mine for a long time to compete in Muay Thai. As for my long-term ultimate achievement, it is simply to stay both mentally and physically happy and healthy. I want to be able to help as many people in need as I can and hopefully make some great contributions to the world.

Which class do you like the best techniques or heavy bag and why?  My favourite class at the moment is heavy bag. I love working out hard and fast, keeping my heart pumping and activating my muscles. I love doing the combinations and seeing how I can better my stance, punches, kicks and speed. It’s also really fun putting everything I learn from the Techniques Classes into effect and smashing out drills on the bag.

Favourite fighter and why?  I am obsessed with the UFC and the fighter who ignited my passion for combat sports was Ronda Rousey. She absolutely dominated MMA and gained respect from guys and girls by being a badass. Other female fighters I love are Cris “Cyborg”, Holly Holm, Cody “No Love” Gabrandt and Conor McGregor.

What do you enjoy about Muay Thai?  I believe Muay Thai is a stunning art. It is legendary to watch, let alone learn. I love that it is somewhat difficult and intricate, it requires dedication and hard work. I enjoy it because it is different, I get to use my body in a way I don’t in other sports. It is very physical which I find fun. Muay Thai has everything, beauty, technique, roughness. I love to be challenged and pushed and Muay Thai does that. Plus, I adore the people I train with, it’s a great environment.

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