Muay Thai
Heavy Bag


Heavy Bag class is one of the most effective muscle strengthening and cardio workout. You will be guided by the trainer through multiple exercises to execute a range of high-intensity combos which include punches, kicks, knees and elbows.

Muay Thai

Techniques class will teach you to master Muay Thai and Dutch K1. Throughout the class, you will be partnered with another student and go through a variety of drills which will help improve your striking, countering and defending techniques.

Muay Thai
Hit Out

Muay Thai Hit Out class is all about high-intensity, aerobic and endurance training. You will go through a combination of short-duration Muay Thai pads, shadow sparring, heavy bags, skipping, speed ladder and more.

Muay Thai

Sparring class will put your skills to the real test. You will spar opponents of different styles and skills, and be pushed to your maximum capabilities. This class is focused on improving your form, technique and power.

Muay Thai Pad Work


This class focuses on doing pad work in order to increase conditioning and improve your technique.  Basic and challenging combinations will be set-up by the coaches where students can learn how to hold traditional Muay Thai pads with a partner.

Personal Training


Boxing class is structured to teach you the fundamentals with one of the world’s finest coaches. You will discover swift speed, strength and balance, whilst refining distinctive capabilities of explosive punches, slips and blocks all within split second movements.

UC Fit Kickboxing


We offer one-on-one personal training at all skill and fitness levels. In these sessions you will learn the skills to stay motivated, keep yourself in shape, and achieve your fitness goals while working  with one of our coaches. Expect drills, mitt work, pad work, and more!

To book a session call on 0417 654 725.

We've partnered with UC Union to offer a UC Fit Kickboxing class that is available for all skill levels. You will learn to perform a variety of fast combos - mixed with cardio drills. We will make sure you break a sweat.

To book a class, call the University of Canberra on
02 6201 2542.

Open Training

Chopper Fighter

Practise everything you’ve learnt in class at your own pace. This is not a structured class and is designed for existing members, of all levels. You will have access to heavy bags, weights, ropes and the boxing ring. No sparring is allowed in these sessions.

Kids Training

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Besides learning and achieving great self defence, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and strength, our signature program help kids to focus and concentrate. The kids also learn respect, integrity, helping team mates, they are also reminded to help their families and behave in school.

Find out more about out kids classes here

Chopper Fight Team


Are you determined to test and unleash your superior strength, self-discipline and confidence? The Chopper Fight Team will prepare you physically to become a well-rounded fighter by challenging you unlike any other training regimen to get you into the ring.